White Bird Pins is a store that specializes in enamel pins and stickers.


About me
My name is Candace, and I am an 11th grader living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Besides running an Etsy store, I like reading comics, being with my foster cats, taking film photos, playing Animal Crossing, and trading with other pin makers!

How did this start?
This all began in November 2018 with a high school project. For my IB Personal Project, I decided to design and sell two enamel pins (the bird and squirrel pin). I first sold these pins to friends and family, but after some time I decided to start selling on Etsy as well. And here I am now!

I wouldn't be able to run this business without my twin sister Bridgit, who designs the majority of the promotional materials, as well as my mom, who ships out the orders. Thank you so much!



Donated $289 to charity

Through selling seconds (defective) pins, this store has donated $80 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and $96 to the Youth Arts Alliance. Additonally, $93 has been donated from Pride sticker sales to the Jim Toy Community Center.

Enamel Pins

Bird with Boots

Cat with Jeans

Black Squirrel

Brown Squirrel

Bunny with Rose

Bird with Scarf


Bird with Pride Boots

Fish in the Rain

Taiwan (Holographic)

Cat (Holographic)

( Made with Carrd )